About us

Fix My Computer Dude is a 17-YEAR-OLD COMPANY IN DALLAS AREA ,This company we started 17 years ago as a computer tune up and warranty program, Company of qualified technicians and Subject Matter Expert’s working 24×7 to resolve any and all of your computer, electronic device problems and concerns.

We take great pride in our ability to work closely with our clients. We strive to bring out unique solutions for specific situations and excel in providing solutions to the root causes of problems. We are a full-service computer repair and computer networking support company.

Fix My Computer Dude follows a simple and user friendly techniques of helping customers and fixing their device, computer, and peripheral issues by applying, implementing a very secure and simple software remote access control which enables us to analyze the device problems. Once that has been analyzed from our Subject Matter Experts they implement the software integrated troubleshooting process to fix these problems at a faster pace. The appeal of online tech support services also lies in their remote, 24/7 availability. Rather than lugging your equipment to a local tech service, online support techs can remotely access your computer through your internet connection or render help via email, online chat and telephone. .

These are skilled subject matter experts; moreover they are talented certified professionals who can take you through each and every step at a time while fixing your devices and computer issues. There are several customers centric plan’s are available for customers that they can buy and enjoy our device fixes, maintenance, diagnosis and repair services at an affordable prices.

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